Neoillusion Tea Ceremony


When the ceremony is performed, the gesture is used. The getting up, the sitting down, the moving of hands all serve to convey the meaning of the moment. So that no two ceremonies are alike.

Neoillusion Tea Ceremony begins with the choice of the day. The choice comes together through the selective sensibilities from the understanding of those who will be coming to the ceremony, to the sensible distillation of the vibratory sensation of the day. This is what informs the choice of the ceremony, from the selected tea ware to the table arrangement and to the tea itself. Of course, these are all traditional elements of the tea ceremony, but in Neoillusion Teaism they are deepened into the nowness sensibilities. The nowness that has everything to do with the moment. So, for instance, the subject matter which comes to play through the gestural performance of the Tea Master to the Tea Participants who bring with them their sensible components are teased out into a full blown meditation – the meditation of our lives, the important things that our souls cause us to remember and pay attention to.

Sometimes, the ceremony stops right there; other times, other components are added like Tea Dance, modeled after the style of Japanese Noh Theater with the sensibility of Chinese Opera to inform a particular idea that is decided beforehand. This is performed as an installation of symbols to bring about a certain kind of awareness of the moment in the idea of the choice given. So, Neoillusion Teaism reveals and covers at the same time. It reveals the deeper sensibilities of the tradition of Tea and covers this self same sensibility of the Tradition by opening it up to a new breathing space, a new incoming of infusion of Teaness, the Tea that is the Tea of our lives – Neoillusion Teaism.

CR0A2319 IMG_9914 (Photo by Keith Morgan | Keith Morgan Photography)
The performance is created according to the need; that is, it could be a one on one session, or two to a few people, or a group of several. The ideas that come into play in these performances include the nature of the participants and their sensibilities. This can include but is not limited to the selection of Rare Teas, tasting rounds, selected topic or poetry discussion, musical performance.

In Neoillusion Teaism we combine the new with the old tradition, and tea itself becomes a symbol, a representative of life.

The different types of cups that are used to serve tea represent the different meanings and positions of life. The ceremony is performed as an opportunity to dive into the deepest aspects of reality. The different kinds of teas that are served are symbols used to tease out discussions through the meditation of the tea drinking.

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