Calligraphy 書法

Red Square’s Calligraphy has been exhibited in different cities in the United States, and her last Solo Exhibition in NYC was curated by the Founder of PACE GALLERY, ARNE CLIMCHER.

Her work as received many high regards, and has been called Avant-Garde by Mr. Climcher as well as Chinese and American Art Galleries and Collectors.

Calligraphy Performances:

Exaltation of Emptiness One – Bay Street Theater, Hamptons, NY, March 12th, 2017

Exaltation of Emptiness Two – New Museum, NYC, May 12th, 2017

Exaltation of Emptiness Three – Sotheby’s, NYC, Nov. 2017

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Work on Rice Paper – Traditional

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work not on rice paper – Contemporary

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In Red Square – Guitian Li De Osu’s belief and practice, every movement is an unseen stroke of calligraphy. Each stroke is the illustrious trace of the existence of Breath and Energy. Her calligraphy practice began in the rice fields and tea gardens on her parents’ land when she 8 years old in Changsha, Hunan, China. Red Square recognized the connection of calligraphy to all movements in life, but in dance particularly. Calligraphy is dance with ink on paper; dance is calligraphy with body in space. To be fully able to dance on the paper with a free spirit, Red Square used her body as a brush to train in dance for three years before she wrote a single, true calligraphy character. What makes Calligrapher Red Square’s work so unique is the presentation of calligraphy in three dimensions. Using painting techniques to bring about depth, light and shadow, within each character and composition there is calligraphy in calligraphy, there is painting in painting. Red Square’s work stands away from tradition yet is bound tight by it because she respects the knowledge that has been practiced for thousands of years while freeing herself from the constraint of it at the same time. Her calligraphy has received many high regards and has been called “Avant-Garde Calligraphy” by one of the most longstanding and successful art dealers and gallery owners, ARNE GLIMCHER, Founder of Pace Gallery, curated Red Square – Guitian De Osu’s first solo calligraphy exhibition in Soho, New York City. Her work is the combination of new and old, classical and contemporary, her talent and the deep understanding of the relation between life and calligraphy comes from the philosophy of Neoillusion. “In Neoillusion, there is no meaning, but the meaning. Red Square says “Art is my Religion, everything around is my Prayer. My work is to deliver the meaning of doing, and unveil the face of Unity.


紅四方李桂田从小就爱好书法,然而是茶中的禅让她把书法视为灵魂的语言,气、精、神的面貌。 红四方的个人书法 独 展2015年在美国纽约曼哈顿苏豪区,由国际闻名画廊,纽约顶级画廊,佩斯画廊创始人, 阿恩•格利姆彻(Arne Glimcher)特别亲自策展。 红四方的书法作品在美国纽约视为前卫书法,中国艺术评论家赞为是大胆的创新作品。 在红四方的信仰和实践当中,生活中的每一个动作都是无痕迹的书法,而每一无痕迹的字体都代表着当前存在的气息和能量. 书法是纸上的舞蹈,而舞蹈是空间的书法。红四方领悟到书法与生活中每一动作的关系, 特别是舞蹈。为了能够在纸上带着自由的灵魂来舞蹈,红四方在她真正用灵魂握笔前,她用她的肢体当毛笔在空间里练习书法足足3年。 红四方的作品最独特的风格是展示自然流露出的层次感。采用画画中的技巧来显示层次、颜色,光亮和阴影,以致她的书法即书画,画中有画,书法中有书法的层次感。 红四方的书法既传统又前卫,从她的作品中可以看得出她对几千年传统的尊敬,而又勇敢的表达她的灵感。她说,如果艺术无法自然的表达艺术家自己内心的真实,无法以自己的方式,风格,个性去诠释灵魂的声音和身影的话,哪怕艺术家最好也只是一个摹拟专家,而并非给予艺术的生命。 她的书法与众不同,她说,书法是一种灵魂舞蹈,来去自由,无牵无挂。 笔和手只是表达灵感气息的工具,要让艺术有灵性,要鲜活,就一定要敢于表达你自己的灵,因为除了艺术家的灵,艺术将不会有灵。 红四方在美国Neoillusion Academy 主修艺术,哲学及宗教,她把她的茶仪式也当是纸上无痕迹的书法。茶桌即她的纸,泡茶、敬茶、品茶乃她的书法练习了。 红四方说:”我的宗教是艺术,我的祈祷是万物,我的人生目标是用我的作品来传达行为的意义,来揭开”和” 与 ”合”的面纱。”